Lesair Environmental brings complete understanding of the oil and gas industry to each and every project. We are attentive to specific project needs and excel at mediating between regulatory agencies and those working in the field.


In a complex industry, Lesair has a long history of delivering the best solutions to our clients. Lesair sticks to the facts, benefiting both our clients and the environment.


Lesair Environmental stays on top of the technological advances that allow for easier and more effective assessment and remediation.


Lesair Environmental, Inc. is a full service environmental consulting firm that specializes in assisting upstream and midstream oil and gas companies to interpret and comply with ever-evolving environmental regulations.  Based in Littleton, CO Lesair has been providing expert environmental support to our clients since 2000.

Lesair provides quality environmental services to a broad range of clients in the oil and gas sector.  Environmental compliance is challenging for the oil and gas industry due to the breadth of regulatory requirements that must be met.  Lesair’s experienced staff understands the requirements of the complicated State and Federal regulations to which this industry must comply. 

Our expertise includes compliance with State and Federal regulations surrounding the federally mandated Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act and the application of these regulations specific to the oil and gas industry.  Lesair has provided regulatory assistance to clients with oil and gas facilities in the States of Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Pennsylvania.  Lesair’s strong technical and regulatory foundation allows us to expertly guide our clients to  determine the best strategies for all aspects of compliance related issues