SPCC Plan Development/Annual SPCC Compliance Inspections

Lesair has developed SPCC Plans, performed site inspections, and conducted annual SPCC training for clients in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania.  Not only does Lesair perform an initial field evaluation of all oil handling sites and develop a tailored SPCC Plan, we also help our clients maintain compliance by communicating inspection and annual training requirements.  Annual site inspections are performed by trained and experienced staff knowledgeable in the SPCC Rule.  Staff identifies site non-compliance issues, the potential for spills, and site modifications as well as offers recommendations to maintain compliance and minimize future spills.  Lesair staff maintains a current working knowledge of the SPCC Rule (40 CFR Part 112) and effectively communicates regulatory changes and requirements to our clients.  In addition, Lesair incorporates State spill reporting and secondary containment standards into all SPCC Plans to ensure both Federal and State requirements are considered.

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