High Flow Sampler

Lesair  is one of the few environmental consulting firms to own a Bacharach High Flow Sampler. This technology is a low impact way to accurately quantify equipment leak rates. Actual data is collected, allowing for prioritization of maintenance repairs. The maintenance team is able to first focus on the worst leaks, putting more gas back into the pipeline and allowing the team to make the most out of the maintenance budget.


Optical Gas Imaging

Lesair is certified to provide FLIR thermal imaging services.  Using infrared cameras, we can quickly inspect large areas of piping, equipment, and components to identify leak sources.     Results are delivered in real-time and are displayed on-screen as a “black smoke,” which makes leaks visible and easy to find and repair.


ProMAX software

Lesair Environmental began using ProMAX software (previously ProSIM) in 2001, long before it was accepted as an air quality assessment tool.  The software is now tailored for the air quality industry, and the States of Colorado and Wyoming have integrated the use of ProMax into their air quality regulatory requirements.


Dispersion Modeling

Lesair Environmental, Inc. utilizes advanced software technology including AERMOD, the EPA’s preferred computer model for air dispersion modeling. Using AERMOD, Lesair can estimate the ambient impacts of air pollutants emitted from industrial sources, such as NOx & Formaldehyde.